Behold! The majestic Ramganga river paving its way stately, through the mighty mountains, gleaming with glory, moving in an endless flow, the river Ramganga is one of the most beautiful and lively feature of the Latigre Resort at Jim Corbett National Park

 Beneath the canopy of silver clouds, amidst the lofty mountains and the green forest in vicinage, the river flows in a graceful pattern rendering a beautiful sight and a soulful song to hear.

When the netted Sun beams kiss the river water, the river sallies down in flamboyance of a youthful fervour, curving in an endless flow enthralling the heart with an endless joy.

The flock of birds flying over the river, gliding chasing each other in a perennial flight is a sight of immense delight.

The river view portrays a simple colourful life of the people who live in the houses clustered around the river.

A source of life, and a hub of activity is the serene river, children are seen diving, playing and swimming in the river, shouting with glee, their jubilation exalts the heart giving way to a plethora of vivid emotions that  life is a song to celebrate .

The river enthuses the heart with positive vibes.

Sliding ,curving , foaming forth in exuberance the river flows on, the fishes gleam in the fresh water with unbridled joy, and the pebbles, stones, weeds and twigs that cradle in its lap join in ecstasy murmuring a beautiful rhythm of triumph and euphoria that can be felt and sung by the heart.

The ecstatic view of the river inspires the mind and replenishes the heart with joy, happiness and beauty.

With the call of the dusk a dense silence prevails, over the river but the serpentine river flows on forever waiting for the next dawn as if whispering in a low babble that life is a blend of joy and sorrow, darkness never last and there is always a dawn ahead, so move on forever and ever.